The Inner Ark – digging deep

Take no thought for the ancestry of the body but give heed only to the ancestry of the soul. (R. Steiner quoting Philo)

The Inner Ark is a creative journey of self-discovery, engaging the framework and tools of transpersonal psychology.

The premise of this course is well articulated by the words of James Hillman in The Soul’s Code: “There is a reason why my unique person is here and there are things I must attend to beyond the daily round and that give the daily round its reason, feelings that the world somehow wants me to be here, that I am answerable to an innate image, which I am filling out in my biography.”

In this course we will explore that innate image. We’ll draw on several sources – most notably Psychosynthesis (R. Assagioli), Workways: Seven Stars to Steer By (K. Locher & J. Van Der Brug) and Expressive Therapies – to penetrate and unravel the experiences and inspirations that comprise your inner and outer worlds. Our premise is that all of the events of your life speak of a bigger picture of higher intention – destiny, if you will. This is discernible through looking at life stages, themes, patterns and sources of inspiration. Our structured activities will provide a seamless journey which draws on the past, the present and the emerging future as it arises from the higher unconscious. We will retrace and reconnect the life events that have left traces of destiny to be picked up and carried into the future with meaning and purpose.

Through guided imagery, reflections and creative activities in the company of others, participants can expect to peel back the layers which may obscure a sense of the higher self.

Hosted with Noela Maletz.

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