I am a well trained and experienced counsellor specialising in the many issues that arise around midlife.

Feeling lost and depressed is a familiar mid-life hurdle for men and women, and increasingly so for younger people. We suffer, our relationships suffer and our motivation to make a contribution to the world can evaporate. It’s easy to lose our way. It may be that we lost a connection with our Self and therefore the purpose which animates us and gives meaning and drive.

If you’ve reached the point where you want to do something about it, that’s an important start.

The outer world is more likely to come right when the inner world takes priority. Solving problems is important, but real sustainable growth works from the inside out. We get real. It doesn’t mean we don’t deal with the crap, but the crap gets put into perspective when we begin to rediscover purpose and meaning in our lives.

In counselling we can tease out the innate image that has always been present in you, which can make sense of your life. If you want to do that one-to-one, come for counselling. If you prefer a group setting you might want to enrol in Working with Archetypes or Turning Points.

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I’ve been a counsellor and trainer of counsellors since 2001. I also run workshops and co-founded retreats for men and hosted these for over a decade. I have learned a great deal from the fears and tears and joys and courage of others as well as from my own journey. I’m good at opening conversations and sensing where they need to go while remaining awake to your inner world. Seeing a counsellor requires courage and the will to be vulnerable. That’s the same courage and will that can help us make real change. Every step toward knowing yourself better and being known by someone else is a step forward.

For those who are seeking one to one counselling, my studio in the Adelaide Hills is a space where you can talk, cry, laugh, shatter some myths about yourself and others, learn what’s important for you, find some courage and confidence and begin to shape your world constructively. I also do counselling via ZOOM.

Set aside about an hour and a quarter for an individual session.

An individual session costs $75.

One-off sessions for Archetype Counselling are also available. See my page on Archetype Profiles.

Contact me to book a session.