Opening a Door on Purpose

For that is what is lost in so many lives, and what must be recovered: a sense of personal calling…there is a reason my unique person is here and that there are things I must attend to beyond the daily round and that give the daily round its reason…I am answerable to an innate image, which I am filling out in my biography. James Hillman

When I take a long look at my life, as though from outside, it does not appear particularly happy. Yet I am even less justified in calling it unhappy, despite all its mistakes. After all, it is foolish to keep probing for happiness or unhappiness, for it seems to me it would be hard to exchange the unhappiest days of my life for all the happy ones. If what matters in a person’s existence is to accept the inevitable consciously, to taste the good and bad to the full and to make for oneself a more individual, unaccidental and inward destiny alongside one’s external fate, then my life has been neither empty nor worthless. Even if, as it is decreed by the gods, fate has inexorably trod over my external existence as it does with everyone, my inner life has been of my own making. I deserve its sweetness and bitterness and accept full responsibility for it.   Hermann Hesse


Opening a Door on Purpose is a series of six workshops designed to help explore self and purpose – to shine a light on threads and themes that weave through our lives yet might go unnoticed.

The workshops are constructed around activities, creative work, reflections and conversation.

Each session is $25, held on Tuesdays 7pm – 10 at St. Columba’s Hall, 101 Cross Rd, Hawthorn (SA).

Dates and themes: (Please note that attendance at all sessions is not required but is recommended)

March 6th: Who Am I?

March 27th: How I Find My Way

April 10th: Themes in My Life

April 24th: The Call – What Makes Me Come Alive?

May 8th: My Existential Values

May 29th: Pulling it all Together


These workshops will be hosted by Garry Gilfoy and Noela Maletz, both highly experienced and trained counsellors, teacher/lecturers and facilitators.

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(Please note that this series of workshops is full, but we will take names for future workshops)

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