Turning Points

For that is what is lost in so many lives, and what must be recovered: a sense of personal calling…there is a reason my unique person is here and that there are things I must attend to beyond the daily round and that give the daily round its reason…I am answerable to an innate image, which I am filling out in my biography. James Hillman

 “the so-called traumatic experience is not an accident, but the opportunity for which the child has been patiently waiting – had it not occurred, it would have found another – in order that its life became a serious matter”.   

                                                                                                                                   WH Auden (via Nick Cave, thx)


Turning Points is a series of five workshops designed to help explore self and purpose – to shine a light on threads and themes that weave through our past and reflect in our present, bringing us to clarity about why things are as they are and what is being asked of us.

The workshops are limited to four people and are ideal for people in mid-life.

Workshop themes:

Week 1: Where am I now?

Week 2: My early challenges

Week 3: My Inner Critic

Week 4: Who and what inspires me?

Week 5: What is being asked of me?

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